the MLT Arcanum BIO-Licht produced a bright white light
MLT Arcanum BIO-Licht
The working principle of a tube light (TL)
was based upon a combination of
low-pressure mercury vapour glow
discharge and fluorescence. A glass tube
was covered at the inside with a
fluorescensive coating and filled with a
mix of mercury vapour, argon and
krypton. With a sufficient high voltage
between electrodes at both ends of the
tube, a glow discharge would take place,
activating the mercury vapour and
causing the emission of ultraviolet rays.
The fluorescensive coating would then
convert the ultraviolet radiation into light,
the colour spectrum being determined by its chemical composition. For most
therapeutic light applications the composition of the fluorescensive coating was such
that it would produce a bright white light, as with the MLT Arcanum BIO-Licht on
display here.