an Original Hanau Alpina PL72 sunlamp
Original Hanau Alpina PL72 sunlamp
A trade name is the name under which a trader or
manufacturer practises his company, e.g.
Quarzlampen GmbH or N.V. Philips
Gloeilampenfabrieken. A brand name is the listed on
the products of that company, e.g. Original Hanau or
Philips. For a company that releases mainly one
product on the market, the trade- and the brand
name is often the same like with Coca-Cola.
Companies with only a few products of the same
kind might suffice with a distinctive type number as
for example Boeing 747 or Airbus A380. Companies
with a wide and varied product offering, may use a
registered- or unregistered brand name for a certain
product line, e.g. Philips Infraphil or Philips Biosol, or
a registered or unregistered model name, e.g.
Original Hanau Alpina. Further product differentiation
can often be found in an additional type number as
with the Original Hanau Alpina PL72 sunlamp on
display here.