WELCOME... the Healing Light Viseum, a virtual museum about sunlamp and heat lamp history
and -technology.
Your visit
• Click the top-right yellow progress button to start your visit or...
• click one of the navigation elements at your left or...
• access the search function or site map from the footer below.
Viseum structure
• This viseum consists of several virtual BUILDINGS.
• A building has one or more SECTIONS (or rooms if you like).
• Each section contains one or more ITEMS (panels, pages, you name it).
• Some items contain a MORE button, providing additional information.
• A three-stage navigator, accessible from the left side of each page, allows
you to select an ITEM within the current section (bottom panel), a SECTION within
the current building (mid panel) or a BUILDING within the viseum (top panel).
• Progress buttons in the right top of each item will bring you to the following or
previous item (
), section (
) or building (
), allowing you to follow a
sequential route from entrance to exit.
• Your current position is indicated in text in the banner above each item and
with a red circle and a yellow dot in the building- and section navigator on the left side
of each item.