the trade-, brand- or model name of this sunlamp could not be determined
A series of image registers with
sunlamp- and heat lamp images is
accessable from the item selector at your
An image selector (next item)
allows you to explore our database of
sunlamp- and heat lamp images in more
detail. Several filters can be set and
cleared. For performance reasons the
maximum number of hits is limited to 100.
The 'manufacturer' button of the image
selector will give you a list of
organisation types and abbreviations as
used in the database. Additional information (if available) will be displayed in the
results of the image selector.
This viseum is about vintage artificial sunlight devices. For completeness and
to illustrate links between current and earlier models of existing brands and
manufacturers, more recent models might be listed as well.
When there is no further documentation available, it is often difficult to determine
whether a name (if any) listed on a sunlamp or heat lamp is a trade name, a brand
name or a model name, as with the "Heimsonne" sun- and heat lamp on display here.
Devices with undetermined brand and manufacturer are identified with brand =
'Unknown-Brand'. Devices with undetermined type name and type number are
identified with type = 'X', followed by a two- or three digit sequence number. Some
classifications in our database are arbitrary and may be incorrect. Please let us know
if you have more precise information.