Operation of a Pifco 1026 carbon arc
sunlamp (1:48)
video about the operation of a Pifco 1026 carbon arc sunlamp
The Pifco 1026 was a carbon arc sunlamp combined with a Kanthal heating element
that served as the necessary serial ballast. The sunlamp was ignited by shifting the
carbon rods into such a position that their tips just touched each other. Due to the
short-circuit current, the rods started to glow at the point where the electrical
resistance was maximal, the point where the rods touched each other. When the rods
were separated carefully, an arc discharge developed at the tips of the rods which
then could be moved apart gently until their desired operational position was reached.
The here demonstrated Pifco 1026 from 1971 was one of the latest carbon arc
devices for self-medication.