the Original Hanau Modell Bach was commonly used in hospitals and sanatoria
Original Hanau Modell Bach sunlamp
In order to take a better advantage of the potential
of their invention, Heraeus and AEG jointly
established the firm Quarzlampen GmbH in 1906.
Their first artificial sunray lamps, branded Original
Hanau, ultimately were developed in close
cooperation with medical institutions and physicians
like Dr. Hugo Bach (1859-1940), Dr. Med. Albert
Jesionek (1870-1935) and Dr. Ernst Kromayer
(1862-1933) who also developed a water cooled
lamp for nearby skin treatment. The new lamps
displayed the same invigorating effects as sunrays
in the mountains. A steadily increasing number of
applications in medicine and dermatology, such as
total body exposure for invigoration, vitamin D
prophylaxis or supportive therapy of soldiers
wounded in World War I in particular, caused quartz
glass lamps like the Original Hanau Modell Bach
sunlamp on display here, to become part of the
equipment inventory of every hospital and many
physicians’ offices.