Dohyfral vitamin drops and
-chocolate tablets
Philips-van Houten produced Dohyfral vitamin drops and -chocolate tablets
In 1927 Philips started the production of vitamin D
with help of mercury vapour arc discharge lamps in
a process developed by Dr. E.H. Reerink
(1899-1990) and Dr. A. van Wijk (1902-1976).
Vitamin D had proven to be able to cure and prevent
rachitis but sunlamp treatments were expensive and
cod-liver oil, a natural source of vitamin D, was not
very tasteful. By radiating ergosterol Reerink and
Van Wijk obtained a product that could be dissolved
in cacao butter and processed into chocolate
tablets. Together with the chocolate producer Van
Houten, Philips founded the N.V. Philips-van Houten
in Weesp who produced the pastilles under the
name 'Dohyfral'. In 1936 Van Houten withdraw from
the company and Philips widened her activities to
the production of vitamin A and many other