Anton Philips
Gerard Philips, 1858 - 1942
Anton Philips, 1874 - 1951
Gerard Philips
The foundation for what would become one of the
world's biggest electronics companies was laid on
May 15, 1891 when Frederik Philips (tobacco
merchant, manufacturer and banker) and his son
Gerard (mechanical engineer) signed an agreement
starting their company Philips & Co. It was founded
with the aim to "manufacture light bulbs and other
electro-technical products" and Eindhoven was
selected as the companies' domicile.
Already in 1895 a start was made with international
marketing and the younger brother Anton began to
travel around Europe to sell incandescent bulbs. In
1900, Philips was one of the largest producers of
carbon-filament lamps of the European continent. In
the early twentieth century, representative offices
were set up in various countries.