the Dr. Kern Beauty-Skin was intended for the treatment of some forms of acne
Dr. Kern Beauty-Skin
Tube lights (TL) were fluorescent glow discharge
lamps and they were the most commonly used
artificial sunlight appliance for therapeutic use. They
lacked the disadvantage of a high heat production,
as did incandescent- and arc discharge lamps.
Since the filament of a tube light was relatively small
compared to an incandescent lamp it dissipated
less heat making it very usable for straight light
therapies and for some specific forms of colour
therapy. For light therapies it is also blue light that
was used because of its assumed positive influence
on the chemical processes on and just below the
skin. Blue light for example was used for the
treatment of new-born babies suffering from
neonatal jaundice and for the treatment of some
forms of acne, in the latter case often supplemented
with red coloured tube lights as with the Dr. Kern
Beauty-Skin on display here.