Philips Lumea SC2006
Long term hair removal might be realised with
techniques that selectively damaged the hair
follicles without touching the surrounding tissue. A
laser beam with an appropriate wavelength might
achieve this goal. Results were diverse and highly
unpredictable however. Early devices used Argon
(488 nm), Cyan (515 nm), Ruby (694 nm) or
Alexandrite (755 nm) lasers. In later implementations
pulsed diode lasers (810 nm) and Nd:YAG (1064
nm) lasers were used. Sometimes an activation fluid
had to be applied that was absorbed by the follicles
prior to a treatment. Hair removal devices existed
for professional applications under the supervision
of a physician as well as for cosmetic self-care. The
Philips Lumea SC2006 on display here, is an
example of the latter.