with the Davita CL400 an acne treatment was supported by a simultaneous radiation with red light
Davita CL400
Acne is a skin disease that is accompanied by the
development of pimples. The most common cause is
an overproduction of skin fat due to a disturbance
of the hormone balance. The blocked and
overloaded sebum glands are vulnerable for
bacterial infections. Some types of acne are caused
by the propion bacterium. This bacterium expels a
waste called porphyrin that can partly be transferred
into singlet oxygen by radiating it with violet light
with a wavelength between 420 en 405 nanometers.
This active oxygen in turn slows down the further
development of the propion bacterium and may even
kill it. An acne treatment with violet light was often
supported by a simultaneous radiation with red light
with a wavelength ranging from 670 to 650
nanometers, as with the Davita CL400 on display
here. This red light stimulated the development of
fibroblasts in the epidermis and quickens the healing
of a damaged skin. Acne scars could sometimes successfully be treated with lasers
operating in the near infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum.