Type Wavelength Application
mid infrared 10,600 nm soft tissue laser surgery
mid infrared 2,940 nm hard tissue laser surgery
near infrared 1450, 1320 and
1064 nm
fights nail fungus, reduces acne scars (laser applications)
near infrared 1400 - 1000 nm relieves pain
near infrared 1000 - 800 nm stimulates wound healing
infrared/green 1064 and 488 nm laser hair removal
near infrared/orange 780 - 620 nm fights skin cancer in combination with photo sensitisers (PDT)
red 700 - 670 nm fights smallpox
red 670 - 650 nm stimulates tissue production, supports treatment of acne
red 700 - 640 nm improves metabolism and blood circulation
orange 640 - 600 nm stimulates the appetite, enhances spirit
yellow 600 - 555 nm reduces depressiveness
green 555 - 485 nm affords mental relief
blue 485 - 430 nm relieves pain, decreases blood pressure
yellow 595 - 585 nm stimulates healing of postoperative wounds
blue 485 - 460 nm fights SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
blue 460 - 455 nm fights neonatal jaundice
green 532 nm laser prostate surgery (PVP)
violet 420 - 405 nm fights acne
ultraviolet A 400 - 320 nm fights psoriasis in combination with psoralen (PUVA), fights skin-tuberculosis, gives a superficial tan, reduces inflammation
ultraviolet B 320 - 290 nm fights rachitis, reinforces the bone structure, fights psoriasis, fights eczema, gives a deep tan
ultraviolet A/C 337 - 126 nm laser eye surgery (LASIK)
Over the years the positive influences attributed to sun substitutes on body and mind
has been comprehensive and the degree of scientific evidence is sometimes fragile,
if any at all. The overview of acknowledged- or supposed healing radiation as listed
below is therefore indicative and incomplete. Consult your physician and read the
instruction manual of your heat lamp, sunlamp or other artificial sunlight device
carefully before deciding to apply it for any therapeutic purpose.