the Heliolux Ultra-Rotstrahler was a therapeutic infrared radiator
Heliolux Ultra-Rotstrahler
William Herschel discovered infrared
radiation in 1800 when he tried to
measure the amount of energy of
different colours of light. In order to do so
he refracted light with help of a prism. By
holding a glass thermometer in the
successive colours he noticed a rise of
temperature that increased in the
direction of the red part of the refracted
light. His attention was attracted by the
fact that the increase of the temperature
continued beyond the last visible red light
and further investigations led to the
discovery of infrared radiation.
Infrared radiation is not bend by wind or draught and therefore very suitable for
warming applications. Infrared lamps for (self-)medication are aimed on heating the
deeper tissues of the skin without reaching the pain barrier, which is about 45
degrees Celsius. Far infrared is not capable to perform this task and therapeutic
infrared radiators like the Heliolux Ultra-Rotstrahler on display here, are therefore
designed in such a way that the emitted wavelength is somewhere in the near
infrared area between 700 and 1400 nanometers.