the Dr. Unger Heimsonne was optimised for therapeutic applications
Dr. Unger Heimsonne
A sun substitute is anything that produces
light, infrared- or ultraviolet radiation or a
combination of them, with the intention to
simulate the positive aspects of natural
sunlight. Although open fire is by far the
oldest sun substitute, the arrival of
electricity at the turn of the 19th century
paved the way for medical treatments
that, if no replacement, at least formed a
welcome addition to natural sunlight.
Professional medical application of
infrared- and ultraviolet radiation started
at the end of the 19th century and the
development of therapeutic artificial sunlight appliances was closely connected to the
development of electric heaters, carbon arc lamps, incandescent lamps and gas
discharge lamps for domestic use. The first sun substitutes for therapeutic use, often
consisted of regular or slightly modified heat- and light sources with armatures
optimised for their therapeutic applications, like the Dr. Unger Heimsonne on display