the greyish-pink colour of the glass of this Osram Ultra Vitalux G311 sunlamp is caused by the UV-C-blocking chemicals it contains
Osram Ultra Vitalux G311 sunlamp
A blended lamp combined a mercury
vapour arc discharge lamp and its ballast
in the form of a filament, mounted in the
same bulb. Due to this combination, a
blended lamp not only emitted ultraviolet
radiation but also light and infrared
radiation in a combination that very much
resembled that of natural sunlight. Thanks
to this characteristic, blended lamps
were applicable for both ultraviolet- and
light therapies. In order to reduce the
radiation of undesirable quantities of
short waved UV-C, certain chemicals
might been added to the glass. With the
Osram Ultra Vitalux G311 sunlamp on display here for instance, these additions can
be noticed through the typical greyish-pink colour of the glass.