the Original Hanau type name Höhensonne became the generic name for sunlamps in Germany
Original Hanau HA-FI 500 Höhensonne
the Original HA-FI 500 sunlamp was one of the last small sunlamps for medical self-care from Quarzlampen GmbH
Hohlwein poster, 1936
In the 1930s the continuous development and the
successes of medical phototherapy made Heraeus'
the market leader in Germany with their
'Höhensonne' product line. Their type name
Höhensonne even became the generic name for the
product, not in the last place due to the cooperation
with the graphic designer Ludwig Hohlwein
In the 1950s, the small Höhensonne became a
commodity that was used in many households and
in the late 1970s, artificial sunray lamps
increasingly captured the professional tanning
market. In 1973 Heraeus obtained all the shares of
the Quarzlampen Gesellschaft. The Original HA-FI
500 on display here, was one of their last small
sunlamps for medical self-care.