the electric diagram of a sunlamp with a double section heating element
with the Lloyds Sunlife sunlamp, the discharge tube was replaced by a heating element during operation as a heat lamp
Lloyds Sunlife sunlamp
A little more sophisticated was the
application of separate sections of quartz
elements. When used as an heat lamp
only, both sections were switched in
series and connected to the voltage
source directly. When used as a
sunlamp, one of the infrared sections
was replaced by the discharge tube. The
total amount of infrared radiation then
decreased but the wavelength of the
emitted radiation roughly stayed the
same. Due to dimensioning constraints or
aesthetic considerations the quartz tube
sections as drawn in the circuit diagrams
were often composed out of two separate
quartz tubes in parallel, one at each side
of the discharge tube, as with the Lloyds
Sunlife sunlamp on display here. From
electrical point of view this did not alter
the configuration.