AC ballast
AC operation
AC voltage
a token of poverty
a token of prosperity
arc discharge
arc discharge lamp history
arc discharge lamp technology
arc discharge lamps
arc discharge sunlamps
atom dimensions
automatic ignition
automatic ignition II
blended lamp circuit
blended lamp technology
blended lamps
carbon arc lamp history
carbon arc lamp therapy
carbon arc lamps
carbon rod technology
carbon rod technology II
colour of light
colour temperature
colours of the rainbow
contact ignition
contactless glow discharge
cooper hewitt electric co
cooper hewitt electric co. division
current stabilisation
dark discharge
dull infrared radiation
dull radiators
dull radiators for massage
electric current
electric current in a gas
electric current in a solid
electric energy
electromagnetic spectrum
electron speed
eye surgery
fall-over protection
filament temperature
finsen lamp
frequency and wavelength
fresnel lenses
from dark- to glow discharge
from glow- to arc discharge
george sperti
glow discharge
glow ignition
guide line
hair removal
halogen lamp technology
halogen lamps
healing radiation
heatlamp circuits
heraeus noblelight gmbh
high frequency operation
high pressure arc discharge
ignition types
image register Ab-Ed
image register Ed-Ha
image register Ha-Na
image register Ne-Pe
image register Ph-Se
image register Se-Zt
image selector A-Z
incandescent lamp history
incandescent lamp technology
incandescent lamps
inductive ignition
infrared applications
infrared incandescent lamps
infrared lasers
infrared radiation
infrared radiation technology
infrared spectrum
institutum divi thomae
kanthal and chromel elements
kbd inc
laser technology
led technology
light and warmth
light emitting diodes
light versus radiation
low pressure arc discharge
mean free path
metal tubulars
metal wired elements
mineral lamps
molecules and alloys
nail fungus
neonatal jaundice
nv philips gloeilampenfabrieken
nv philips-van houten
ohm's law
pain relief and wound healing
philips brand names
philips infraphil
photodynamic therapy
photon emission
planck's law
prostate surgery
quartz tube application
quartz tube technology
quartz tubulars
quarzlampen gmbh
red-glowing infrared radiation
richard küch
royal philips nv
science laboratories inc
seasonal affective disorder
serial ballast
site map
skin cancer
sperti faraday inc
sperti inc
sperti products
sperti sunlamp kentucky
sperti sunlamp ohio
stefan bolzmann law
subject index
sun substitutes
sun substitutes II
sun tan
sun- and heat lamp integration
sun- and heat lamp integration II
sun- and heatlamp combination
sunlamp circuits
sunlamp with double section heat lamp
sunlamp with impulse circuit
sunlamp with single section heat lamp
sunlamp with single section heat lamp II
temperature coefficient
temperature stabilisation
the sun
three-pole blended lamp
tilt ignition
time line overview
tissue surgery
trade-, brand- and model names
tube light history
tube light technology
tube lights
tube lights (UV)
ultraviolet incandescent lamps
ultraviolet lasers
ultraviolet radiation
ultraviolet radiation technology
ultraviolet spectrum
video blended lamp manufacturing
video original hanau sunlamp 1929
video original hanau sunlamp 1971
video overview
video philips heat lamp 1948
video philips sunlamp 1967
video philips sunlamps 1955
video pifco sunlamp 1971
video sun-kraft sunlamp 1946
video westinghouse sunlamp 1952
what to do next
what's next
white-glowing infrared radiation
wien's displacement law
wilhelm heraeus
wound healing
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